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Coaching – Training – Facilitation

for leaders and teams to thrive in international settings

Working in multicultural and diverse environments can be very rewarding, enriching and challenging at the same time. As an international leader, you know how tricky it is to ensure smooth cooperation, strengthen team spirit, enhance work quality and effectiveness. You may also work with teams and peers globally who have their own priorities, working styles and communication preferences.

Expertise must go hand in hand with interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, and a good understanding of human mechanisms and group dynamics. This is even more true in contexts where diversity is the dominant feature: different codes, professional backgrounds and experience, nationalities, languages become potential barriers to mutual understanding which in turn affects people’s and organisations’ effectiveness and ability to thrive.

I help clients develop effective leadership beyond cultural differences in complex and changing environments.

SICLAVY S.à r.l. – S is a life-long professional training provider accredited in Luxembourg – Authorisation number 10122212 / 0

SICLAVY S.à r.l.-S  –  RCS: B248942  –  Authorisation: 10122212/1  

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